Senior Portrait FAQ

Tell me about Studio One...

Studio One Photography was established in Flemington NJ in1979.  The studio operated in Main Street and Shopping Center locations for the next 24 years.  In 2003 we  relocated  to the Green Mountain State as a home based business.  In three decades, Studio One has photographed over 10,000 high school seniors..

When and where do I have my senior portrait done?

Senior portraits are done in our home studio located off County Rd. in Windsor. We offer both traditional studio, and contemporary outdoor sittings. Please check with your schools yearbook advisor regarding your schools dealines. Because our schedule becomes very full during September and October, we encourage you to schedule in July or August..

What does a typical senior portrait sitting consist of ?

You will receive a large selection of proofs taken each in our studio and outdoor photo park. Typical sittings include traditional head and shoulder yearbook and 3/4 length poses in our studio, as well a a full series of close up, 3/4, and full length poses in our on site outdoor area.  We encourage you to bring  extra changes of clothing and props to make the most of your sitting.  You'll receive your proofs in the mail approximately a week after your sitting.  See our clothing guidelines to learn more.

My face broke out before my sitting!  What do I do?

All finished portrait packages and yearbook photos are fully retouched to completely remove facial blemishes, and soften smile lines.  Studio One uses the latest digital photography techniques to soften tan lines, fly away hair, shiny skin, etc. at no extra charge.  We can even remove your braces for a small extra fee!

How much will my portraits cost?

We have sitting plans as low as $20 for basic sittings, and finished portraits as low as $29.  Visit our 2011 Price list or contact the studio for more information